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Come Pass On

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The last major human discovery was arguably Einstein’s theory of relativity. I think that single discovery led to a new era in our physical understanding of the universe’s mechanics. The next major human advancement is going to stem from that. The next major human advancement is going to be compassion. Yeah yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, “Compassion? Yeah right man, don’t give me that new age mumbo jumbo.” But hear me out. This rabbit hole goes deep.

Compassion means putting yourself in another’s shoes and trying to see from their relative perspective. Then, anything you do must be with respect to how it’s going to look through the other’s eyes. For example, a person with compassion wouldn’t kill a kid in cold blood for the simple fact that that person would be considering the effect it would have on the kid’s family. A person with compassion would clean the house up before their roommate got home after working hard all day. A person with TRUE compassion, though, would have this same kind of respect for all beings. When this is practiced with all life forms, that’s where God’s glory comes in. That’s where the rabbit hole goes INFINITELY deep.

See I believe there is a single observer (that I call God) who all of our lives and what we do with them matter to. The significance of this and how it ties into the topic of compassion is that there is one being or beingness that is getting an idea of what existence is like through trillions of relative perspectives.

To be the one observer, you’re going to ultimately have to be able to do this and remain coherent through the whole thing. This is why compassion is so huge. As many of us believe, all is one and we are making a long journey to some intelligence source. According to most of our beliefs, we are already connected to this source like a skin cell on an elephant not knowing the big picture and only able to comprehend the duties and existence of skin.

We are extremely caught up in our own individualized relativistic observations. We don’t take the time to appreciate other perspectives. If you want to see where I’m going with this, try to imagine what life would be like as a fly. Call this an exercise in compassion. Some of you may not be ready and mature enough for this level of compassion, which is fine.

When I said, “Try to imagine what life would be like as a fly, I know some of you were thinking things like “Why would I want to do that?”, and “That’s dumb.” and “Fly’s eat poop.”, and those are the people who aren’t going to get this, for the simple fact that they are too judgmental to have compassion. Yeah flies eat poop, and from their relative perspective, it tastes pretty good. I know you don’t care about what it’s like to be a fly, but the fly cares about being a fly relatively just as much as you care about being a human and the one observer cares about each of you equally.

This whole compassion thing isn’t about you, it’s about becoming closer to the one observer. All you know now is what humans know. The one observer knows what all knows. You see, the fly to a fly is infinitely more fantastic that what a fly is to a human. And compassion is your only chance in understanding what that must be like.

Remember, there is one observer. If you at least try to see what it’s like to be other animals and other humans, and sincerely try to put yourself in their shoes, you might just find out that you are already in their shoes and that you actually can see from their perspective, and feel what it’s like to be them and feel what they’re going through, whether that be sadness or celebration.

Personally, I don’t believe that the world is going to put us here among thousands of other species and we are going to be forever limited to communion with only one. I think compassion is going to hit in a big way and we are going to be playing with our dogs and cats in a way we’ve never dreamed of.

All of the things I’ve learned in life have led me to compassion. Prior to compassion, my latest discovery was the danger of being judgmental, and now that I am seeing the significance of compassion, I see that had I not learned about the erroneous way of judgment, I would not have been ready for the wisdom of compassion. Compassion is your way of putting yourself in other’s (other humans and other species) shoes and seeing what God sees in a more all-encompassing and more unified way.

The ego is that which not only makes you believe you are right when all evidence is slapping you in the face, but it is also the reason compassion is going to be hard at first. Compassion is hard. But the more you work at it, the easier it gets and the more it pays off. The ego is that which keeps you ignorant, compassion is going to be that which allows you to soar to a whole new level of knowledge.

I honestly can’t stress enough the glory that compassion could bring. If there ever was an ascension, it would definitely be possible with compassion. Like I said, I can’t describe what I’m seeing accurately with words, so I just urge you all to try a true compassionate way of life and see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes, because as I see it, there is no end to it and it keeps getting better and better as you go down. You just gotta jump.


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May 15, 2012 at 3:56 am

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