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Once a cheater, always a let down.

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I wonder what its like. I wonder how it feels. You love something so much and cherish it more than anything you’ve ever known, but you still choose to push the limit. Look but never touch, flirt but never… Its not being nice when you entertain someone that is interested.  Its either you are the one interested or there’s something else. I’ve been in love for almost 6 years. Never, not once did i stray away. Never did i flirt just to flirt because that leads people on and we all know when you lead the wrong person on, the outcome is not always what you want. “Oh no its completely innocent.”. That’s incorrect. Through my eyes, i love what i have. I don’t need to flirt, i don’t need to put myself in a questionable situation, i don’t need to give you anything to question. Its just not right. I’m not fake, i don’t say things to make you feel better. When I say i only have eyes for you, i mean my mind, mouth, ears, nose, everything. Its one thing to say its not a big deal, but when a person repeatedly says “this makes me uncomfortable” and you chose to still ignore the request, you really don’t care. Either that or you take for granted what you have. I think that’s the case.

You see, giving someone their way, being a good person to them, living your life for them, leads to being spoiled in most cases. Don’t think that good guys finish last only in TV or emo situations. Good guys, married, engaged, committed, true, end up getting the shaft. You will regret it. There is no stop to it. Even if that person is like you, and has had crappy relationships, they still will take advantage of it if they can. “Real Talk”


Written by sxt004

February 3, 2013 at 5:06 am

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