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Respect Earned isnt Returned

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Being disrespected by people you care about is inexcusable. When people know your past and still decided to do things that are hurtful, it stings even more. Yes, I am calm and collected under most situations. Yes, when backed into a corner, I become defensive. However, I do not get physical, push the blame off, or throw the blame anywhere.

When you do wrong to others, own up to it. Always recognize where you made a mistake and better yourself. Putting the blame else where is a very liberal thing especially when it has nothing to do with the problem. Instead you are trying to defer the real source of anger and place it elsewhere which it isn’t needed.

Getting physical with someone, for other reasons than self defense, are completely out of my understanding. I have never placed my hands on someone out of pure anger. If I, someone with stress, anxiety, and depression, has never found a reason to voluntarily assault someone, then I have no idea how or what you would need to. Its not that I’m peaceful, its that I respect people. Earning respect means nothing if the other person has issues. You will never fully earn their respect that way.


Written by sxt004

February 10, 2013 at 6:00 am

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