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the dialectics. What is a dialectic? They are the answer to the question: how can a small group of people control a large group of people? The answer, is that you find divisive points which equally divide the population, and you repeat them loudly, so 49% of the population finds itself on one side of the issues being yelled about everywhere, and 49% finds itself on the other side. Then the remaining 2% is left to find the “compromise position” for the divide they themselves created, which they do by systematically taking ideas from each side that serves their goals, and present themselves as the common sense “unifying force” while enacting their agenda. Research the Shia and Sunni situation in Iraq to see it in action, the history of the violence (or lack thereof) between the two, and the current state. This so called “sectarian violence” is now prolific, and requires a certain type of individual to find the compromise position between the two. The top two American parties have redefined themselves throughout history, as needs have dictated. There was a point where the Republicans were the party of rich New York liberals, and the Democrats were the party of the Klan. Now in modern times Democrats are liberal and take a more proactive stance about race, and Republicans are the rural conservatives Democrats used to be. ITS ALL INSIGNIFICANT! I expect a good conspiracy theory site like this to see beyond all these manipulations and get to the core issues, not entrench themselves in the BS. We as a group aretoo smart for politics! 


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May 21, 2013 at 3:31 am

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