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3 days of slight comfort

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As it goes with things, just when its looking ok…just ok, not great better or even close to perfect, it seems out of nowhere it crashes even further. I see the aggrevation in your eyes all over. I just dont get it. I’m losing a battle I cant fight.  Strangely enough even if I could I stand zero chance. You see Ive accepted that your stubbornness is the worst possible thing. You will always convince yourself its something other than you until its too late or you want to just blindly hurt. Ive done all I could do, changed things I’ve never thought I could and still…just back at square one. I wont touch you or think about you sexually. Im unattractive and dont want to offend you. I wont look at you the same because I feel like the creepy guy starring at a pretty girl.  Ive noticed you have become shallow as well. So I can see now why all the humor laughter personality fun greatness sweetness ive shown and become still make me a turnoff.
Well im not. Im not damnit. Im a very attractive guy. For all those reasons to any type of girl. Im not a bad looker. I dont understand why you are trying to hard to convince yourself this is the problem. I mean you really are so stubborn and hard headed you cant see the lies within that. What the fuck. Why am I keeping on. Why do I care? Why is it every girl ive ever loved I always had to push and fight for only to end up alone amd feeling like im less than them? Why do I feel as though its happening yet again and I’ll end up in an even worse place than before? 


Written by sxt004

August 10, 2013 at 1:42 pm

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