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It shouldnt be like this. I know you say things are ok and we are working on it, but they shouldnt even be like this. It shouldnt be a question. I have no ides how its even possible.

It wouldn’t be like this if you werent so stubborn. If you werent so afraid and just would let it be, it wouldnt be a question.

No matter how tough I wanted to be or how angry I want to feel, I couldnt be that way towards you. I couldnt tell you I was leaving for good or I’d rather quit because I was tired. I am just going crazy because I have no idea how this is possible. I mean you cant promise me things will be ok in the end but they are good now? That tells me you are looking too much into it. What about things are good now and I have faith we will be ok? What about I love you and we will get through this?
You have everything you could have ever wanted with me. You have it all. I’m not perfect but we just work. We have always made it through. Side by side wasnt and never will be it catch phrase. Its a way of life for us. If we lose that now because of bullshit reaso s then we let something special go…and I will never be able to let it go without a fucking fight.


Written by sxt004

August 11, 2013 at 1:36 am

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