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Im the sappy, lame, emotional, and mushy guy. Its obvious in my posts. This one I hope gets to you one day when you need it most. Heck, maybe it won’t, but maybe it will find someone on the same level as me who understands what I mean.
Once in life time. Bumping into you when you were a kid. Hanging out years later with some of your friends and your bestfriends boyfriend. Such a small place and never knowing you. Then thag one night you stepped out of the car and into my life. Ohhhh I was madly, crazily, over the fence drawn to you. That smile, those eyes, that laugh. You werw different though. There was so much more to you. Spunky and bright. Petite but packed a punch. No one caught my attention like you. Still there was more…something more.
Once in a lifetime. There was hurt and a wall built up around you. Rocking solo and living for your friends. No one but you could understand that the way I did. We were both hurt, torn down, and abused. The right time, the right type of heart, the right mindset. But the more I hung out with you, still felt something else.
Once in a lifetime.


Written by sxt004

August 29, 2013 at 9:19 pm

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