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Allll day I’ve been sick. When I talked to you I told you I wanted to come home and just get in bed. You wanted to cuddle allll day. Yet, you sit on your phone, then come up to shop online. Still I say sure babe. After a looonggg shower in which I got out a bit before you, it still takes 20 minutes to get in bed. All the while you could talk to me…however instead you just sit on your phone looking for something cute to wear. Then when I ask how mucb longer you will be, all of a sudden you are concerned something is wrong. Pretty sad. It would be nice to know when you say things, you mean them. Since our “problems” ive gone above and beyond to work with you, change, and be more of a man. I appreciate the small amount of patience youve had with me, but nights like this make it obvious why I worry like I do. Sometimes I wish I could be like you and act tough or like I  dont care. I really just wish you could be in my head for a minute. And you wonder why I feel the way I do….really?


Written by sxt004

August 30, 2013 at 2:40 am

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