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To ask or not to ask..that is the question

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Should I say something? Should I be curious?  I think I’m going a little overboard and possibly out of line. But I should want to know. I mean it is my future. Im a part of this. I think thats the problem…I feel and have for so long that it’s allllll about you and never about me. The issue…if its not all about you anymore, will that turn you off. Will that break the little grasp I have? Have I spoiled you beyond repair.
If so, then I am to blame. But is it blame when ive been a good person. A faithful, loving, caring, unselfish person? Guilt is a hell of a drug. I now wake up every morning feeling guilty of everything.  Good and bad, I believe I’ll never win. How long can I deal with knowinh winning is not an option for me. When its all said and done, I’ll be the loser I’ve always been and others have thought I’d be. Im my own worst enemy.


Written by sxt004

September 20, 2013 at 10:58 pm

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