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Ok so I’m going to just know my role and shut my mouth from now on. Seriously. No more whiney,  complaining, or sad posts. I’ve got to accept what I write and know my place. It’s as simple as that. My complaining and being sad just shows my weakness. Shit or get off the pot isnt just about marriage, its about any type of decision. Well, ive decided to just suck it up and be what I am.


You got nothing else to dump on. Dump on me. You need help moving.  Let me know. You want a friend, I’ll be there. You need help, duh I’m a phone call away. You need love and affection…done.  However I understand its not for me to receive back. Take what you want and leave me with whats left over, if there are even any. You want someone to help get you straight and on the correct path, then once its done, leave me to myself. Fine. I accept it. I expect it. I understand it. I have to be ok with it or I’ll go crazy. Having issues and you need a mental, pbysical, or emotional punching bag…it’s all good. I’m getting used to it. Finally. 29 years in and I’m going to learn the meaning of my life. Seems about right. I mean after all, if im the worlds dumpster and bitch, then why should I expect anything positive in return? Im such a fool for thinking it could be any other way.

Meanwhile, I’ll wait around. Wait til you need some more. Anyone needs some more. And when they are done, chalk it up as me fulfilling my duties. I wont ever be the victim again because I will accept my fate.

I’ve always cared too much and been too emotional. My entire life I’ve been this way and its molded me into the punching bag I am. There are others out there like me, but they would even use me the same way. I’m always someones last pick. ALWAYS.


Written by sxt004

September 29, 2013 at 8:13 pm

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