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And im still here.

The universe can dumb on me. Seven days a week, 365 days a year I’m always im anticipation of the worst. Im a positive person, I’m a firm believer in good. However, I’m 29 years old and for 29 years I’ve been completely trashed on. Its not the situation where everyone says omg I have it so bad or my life is just horrible.  No, I’ve lived for 29 years on this planet and for 29 years its been one thing after the other. My luck is either the worst or its a coincidence that shit always comes down on me. Actually its that things are always going down. I come up 10 feet and get thrown 400 back down.

Loure’, im here for you to dump on. I’m here because like your mom, you need someone to vent on. I’ve lived a life like that so you could be ok. Not me, but you. And I’m sadly ok with it. I love you. If everyone else can use me and throw me away, then the one person I love can definitely lay everything on me. Whatever makes you feel ok. I guess thats where I’m different. I see you. I saw my brother.  I see all people for what they are and what they want to be. Everything else doesnt matter.
Im built different. My best quality is my main weakness. I’m ok…as long as you are. So

So have a bad day at work and tell me. Want the world and then the universe. I’ll do what I can to give it to you. Lose a friend and feel down on your looks…cause I’ll be your best friend and build you up to understand you are the most amazing thing in the world. Because I can only love you……for you.


Written by sxt004

September 29, 2013 at 2:47 am

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