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Fuck you for making me feel like this. Fuck you for making me less than I am. Fuck you for making me feel like less of a man.

There are so many that tell you how lucky you are…but fuck you for not listening.

Fuck you for making everything my fault. Fuck you for never being wrong.  And fuck you for making it ALWAYS ABOUT YOU.

I’m tired of feeling like less than a man because you have an excuse. Its always somehow on my shoulders. Well fuck that. If we dont go…its on me. If it doesnt work out…its on me. Fuck that.

I’m tired of being one and only and not not being one amd only to you. I’m fucking whiney and bring shit up…its because im a damn grown up. I am an adult. If something happened 5 minutes ago and you make me feel like I’m no worth a fuck…then fuck that. You will never know til I’m gone. You will never appreciate me til its done. You will never understand what you have til its too late.

So fuck you. Fuck your bullshit and fuck you for caring more about you than myself.  Fuck you for not appreciating me. Fuck you for feeling bad. Fuck you for making it about you and your feelings and NEVER about mine.


Written by sxt004

October 13, 2013 at 4:33 am

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