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Stole my confidence.  Arent you supposed to make me feel good about myself? Shouldn’t I feel like I’m the best when I’m at my worst? How can I when you point out everything wrong? Who would feel like their significant other only has eyes for you, when they make note of your downsides or slight imperfections. I guess its supposed to be like this? I mean I guess I go about it in a different way. Then again, you’re not me. Does that mean that how you do these things is right? It seems when I’m feeling good and looking right,  you point out the lent on my shirt or the slight wrinkle in my pants. Oh that one strand of hair is out of place. Thats shirt doesn’t match.  Fix your hat this way. Now I’m self conscious.  Now I’m finding the little things as well. Omg I cant go out like this. Why is she even with me. How can she be attracted to a guy like me. Who could ever love someone who looks like this….


Written by sxt004

December 24, 2013 at 10:23 pm

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