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Can I do anything right. Seriously. How is it possible that no matter what I do or have going on I get the short end of all the bad in your life. Dude i get nothing from you. Everyone else…whatever they want. Me. Ha. What a joke. I have to beg for attention. Beg to have some sort of feelings returned from you. I get bitched at no matter what. I don’t know how much more of this I can possibly take. I’ve always said I was the world’s punching bag, but the one thing I’ve always felt I had…is dishing out the fists. Time and time again. How would anyone think they are love. Why me. Why do I have to have these things keep happening in my life? Why am I not worthy of love? Can someone please just answer that for me. Straight up. I don’t want to be pitied I don’t want to be just told something positive. I want the answer to my question. Can I just be first? It’s not that hard. All I ask is for something, some sort of attention. I predict this now, tonight will be a disaster. We will fight, I’ll feel insecure, and it will end up me being afraid. Like always. I’m sick of the hurt. I can’t stand it. Please. No more of this. Please…


Written by sxt004

April 4, 2014 at 10:39 pm

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