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Annoying me. Everything you do, say, and gesture. Just ridiculous our fucking dog gets mote affection than I do. Pathetic. I do everything for you, share everything with you, and this is what I get. Pathetic. What do I have to,do or who do i have to be. I mean you’ve already taken all of my confidence. Made me feel fat, ugly, unattractive and just disgusting. Pathetic. Can I get a little recognition. Fuck if I don’t bring up my accomplishments, they just assume never have happened. You’re proud of me? Oh really? And how in the Fuck am I supposed to know that? Because you said it in a text message. Meanwhile everyone else had your damn attention. I’m tired of it. I’m beginning to wonder and question why I do so much, give so much, love so much. Fuck maybe it’s my fucking fault, maybe you’re too spoiled. The worst part of it all. Some other fucker that is HALF the man I am will get to enjoy it. He will reap what I have sewn. Fuck it. Story of my fucking life. I will always be alone and be wondering what it’s like to be loved back.


Written by sxt004

April 4, 2014 at 1:58 am

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